K Render

K Render, Manchester, Cheshire

Looking to refresh the exterior of your home? We can provide all the latest K render ranges to improve the look of your home and potentially add to its value.

Our exterior K rend silicone range is a superior product which creates a water repellent surface ensuring a freshly rendered appearance for many years to come. An integral part of the cement based render system are silicone water repellents, this silicone technology provides a high degree of water repellence whilst still allowing water vapour to pass through enabling the substrate to breathe. Expertly administered by our highly qualified plasterers, the K Render will provide extra strength against shrinkage, erosion and cracking.

Available in an extensive colour range we are committed to providing a clean, neat, traditional or modern finish to homes, commercial premises, garages, outside walls, swimming pools etc.K Render colour chart, Manchester

There are some situations, where you may need to comply with building regulations as the Government now wants you to improve the insulation of your roof, wall or floor if it is to be replaced or renovated. The Government calls this work the alteration of a ‘Thermal Element’.

Benefits of the K render range include;

  • Water repellent
  • Low maintenance
  • Allows structure to breathe
  • Natural looking finish
  • Extensive colour range

Our products carry the prestigious kite mark licence (the worlds well known symbol of trust integrity and quality).

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